Murder In The Name Of Charity

Not a real one, you will be relieved to know! The pretend kind, a Murder Mystery kind in aid of Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary in Bristol.

Whilst Halloween is very much the kids festival (me and Hubs spent an age trudging around our streets in the dark so the girls could acquire a years worth of sweets) this year we also celebrated it in the adult kind of way. Myself and Hubs were fortunate to attend the annual Holly Hedge Halloween Murder Mystery Fundraiser at the wonderful Hotel Du Vin. The evening was full of excellent food (biggest profiteroles I have ever seen), nice wine, fun and games and dare I say a murder!

The Murder Mystery entertainement was provided by Enigma, who kindly gave their time and their murderous skills free of charge. Having never been to a Murder Mystery night me and Hubs had no idea what to expect but thankfully we weren’t the only Murder Mystery virgins in attendance. From the start it feels a bit bizarre, you have no idea who is a real guest and who is a character so you find yourself on high alert watching people far more than you usually would.  I had to laugh when I was chatting away to a lovely gentleman who had a big personality and I found myself asking him ‘Are you real?’ To which he assured me he was indeed and not a character in the evenings entertainment.

Over arrival drinks the most unfortunate incident occurred, we were informed by the Policeman Inspector Bodget that a body had been found (gasp) and as one does we went off to have a look. It was over dinner when things started to heat up. You see we weren’t just sat there for dinner but we were actually in attendance at the ‘Chefs Hat Awards’ and that was when things really started to get interesting. We used our super sleuth skills to quiz the characters and each one left us with motive and suspicion. The Murder Mystery ended in spectacular fashion and certificates were awarded at the end. The Hubs picked up a certificate for his guess being ‘Nowhere near’, which is no surprise because I’ve known all along that his observation skills are lacking 🙂

The Murder Mystery was not the only fun we had as there was a variety of short fun games thrown into the mix and even a Halloween themed quiz, which proved to me that I know sod all about Halloween. However throughout the evening I learnt a lot about Holly Hedge and the work they do and quite frankly some of the facts were more scary than a ghost story, frightening because it’s not the stuff of legend but because it’s real. I had no idea that;

  • Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary rescues and rehomes around 800 animals every year.
  • The cost of doing this is in excess of £600,000 a year. Which is a tremendous amount especially when you consider they recieve no Government or Lottery funding. Can you believe that at least £90,000 is spent on Vet bills!
Beautiful Bluebell is just one of many dogs at Holly Hedge looking for her forever home.

The evening itself was great fun but I was glad to be reminded why I was there and who I was supporting. I have two fur babies myself (Lula the cat – the Lady of the house and Gus our Yorkshire Terrier – the baby of the house) so animal welfare is very dear to my heart.

I can honestly say Holly Hedge know how to throw an event and if you attend one you wont leave disappointed! Infact I’m just about to sign up to the next one in the new year. A Grand Ball in a grand hotel (actually at the Grand Hotel in Bristol) on Saturday 24th February. It’s set to be a fancy affair with the dress code being dress to impress! Tickets are £45 and include a three course meal and live music. You can easily book tickets, just email

If like me you love your fur babies just like your real ones then please consider making a donation to Holly Hedge. It doesn’t have to be much as it all adds up. Can you just imagine what it would be like if these charities didn’t exist 🙁 No, I dont want to imagine that either.

For more information about Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary and the wonderful work they do please visit their website 


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