Why Send Cards When You Can Send Cake?

I’d like to think I am no Christmas grinch but there are certain traditions that baffle me, one being the tradition of sending Christmas cards. I just don’t get it. Don’t get me wrong, of course it’s nice to know that we are in someone’s thoughts, but why cards? Here’s my gripe

  • Admittedly I’m not a massive environmentalist but think about all the card that is used. In 2015 the UK purchased an estimated 900 million Christmas cards….thats a lot of card!
  • They take up so much space. Every side board, window sill and shelf is taken up with Christmas cards and if you knock one over it’s like a domino effect and down they all go and then you have to spend an age restacking them.
  • You feel guilty when someone gives you a card but you don’t give one back. In typical Brit fashion you don’t want to appear rude or impolite, so off to the shops you pop to buy a box of cards just to return one to Mary from number 18 down the road who you have only said hello to once in the whole year.
  • It’s super boring and repetitive having to write out the same thing over and over and over again.
  • Other then the thought behind it what is the actual use of Christmas cards? In a few weeks they will all be in the bin.

So imagine my delight at being able to send my Christmas greetings in a new fashion…..by cake!

Bakerdays is a Personalised Celebration Cake Specialist, providing quality personalised cakes for all occasions. Intrigued by this concept I took a peep at their website www.bakerdays.com and was amazed at the amount of occassions supported and the number of fabulous designs which you are able to personalise not only with text but also with photos.


I thought it would be a lovely idea to get the girls excited for Christmas by sending them a Christmas cake in the post. Most kids get excited when something arrives in the post for them, I think it’s the element of surprise and the unknown. On the Bakerdays website I searched for a Christmas ‘letterbox’ cake which is the baby of the Bakerdays family. Being just 5” in diameter, it fits perfectly through the letterbox allowing you to surprise anyone with the most delicious personalised gift. There are so many lovely and varied designs to choose from it was difficult to make my mind up. I finally settled on one I thought would make the girls smile. Using the website was really simple. Click on the cake you desire and you will be presented with some more options like the size of the cake you would like, the recipe of the cake and the option to personalise your cake. In my view Bakerdays gets bonus points for website usability.



What I liked about the Bakerdays website

  • So many options in terms of cake design which are easy to view on the website.
  •  Helpful information – When selecting your cake size you are provided with extra information to indicate how many portions that cake will make.
  • The option to choose different cake recipes so you can buy for those who have dietary needs. Gluten free and dairy free options are available.
  • Another nice touch on the website is you can preview your cake once you have entered your personalisation info so you know exactly what your cake will look like.


dsc_0170The cake itself arrived in no time at all. The delicious range of recipes and sizes are available for delivery 6 days a week, and if you order before 2pm, bakerdays can deliver the very next day! There’s no need to worry about how the cake will fare in delivery because it is excellently packaged. The neat little box contains the cake in a cake tin ensuring that it is well protected. A Christmas cracker is included in the box just to add that festive special touch. I must also add that our vanilla sponge cake was delicious and keenly ate.

In my view sending an occasion cake is the perfect alternative to sending a card. Thoughts and sentiments can be sent and thoroughly enjoyed.

You can view all the occasions and designs that Bakerdays has to offer on their website www.bakerdays.com

You can also check them out on Facebook , Twitterand Instagram

*Please note that I have received no payment for this post. I had the opportunity to try the Letterbox Christmas cake in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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Sarah - let them be small

I’ve seen these a couple of times and they always looks great


I would be much happier with a cake in the post than a card and this looks real delicious

Chloe Ciliberto

I love bakerdays cakes! The cakes are incredibly delicious and I love what they come with too. x


I’d much rather receive cake than a card! I’ve tried these Baker Days cakes and I can highly recommend them too! Delcious!

Lyndsey O\'Halloran

Oh I really like the design on that cake! It’s so cute.


What a blooming fabulous idea! I’m going to go check them out! I’m all for cake instead of cards!!


What a lovely cake. I would rather have cake any day of the week rather than a card 🙂


I would much rather receive this cake than a card. Fact. Question is who can I convince to send me one?


I’ve also had the pleasure of trying a baker days cake! They are fab. I also agree about the Christmas cards writing them all out is so boring and yes to when one falls over they all go – especially with a 3 year old and cat about the place! #brillblogposts