About The Money Saving Mummy

I’m the Money Saving Mummy, Blogger & Bargain Hunter. I’m better at one more than the other but I’ll let you decide which. Being a mum of two myself and an avid internet shopper and penny pincher I wanted to create a site where I could share the best bargains from your favourite high street retailers. I have a mission to inspire you and help you save some pennies because I’m a firm believer that the pennies make the pounds. I’m also known to be a bit opinionated and a bit of yapper so this website also hosts my ramblings on the delights and despairs of raising a family. I’m just you’re average mum, trying to get by with some pennies in my purse, a smile on my face and my last nerve still in tact.

You can find us on Facebook and stay up to date with all my bargain finds or participate in the community and join The Money Saving Mummy Club, if like me you feel like your winning at life when you find an epic bargain.


If you have any questions or would like to work with me please email info@themoneysavingmummy.com

I am pleased to be an approved affiliate for some of the UK’s most trusted and loved retailers. Please note that I don’t stock the items on the website. I hand pick items for you based on the following criteria, a) the product is super awesome b) It’s a great deal that will save you money and c) I believe that you might like it. If you go on to purchase any items promoted I may make a small commission but that in no way affects your transaction or biases my choice of what products to promote.

Information for fellow bloggers

If you would like to feature your blog posts on the Destination MumKnown section of the site then please feel free to submit them to me via info@destinationmumknown.com

There’s a number of categories such as parenting tips, humour, recipes, travel, from the heart and reviews. 

Please ensure when you email you specify which category you would like to feature in. Please note this is not a paid opportunity but rather  an opportunity for increased exposure. 

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